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January 26, 2009
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Wizards Glass Revisited by BrendanKeeley Wizards Glass Revisited by BrendanKeeley
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aora Mar 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
This is really busy! The level of detail is extraordinary, and I really admire your patience since I honestly couldn't sit down and spend 25 hours on the same piece. I think I'd go mad. :) I know it's spread out, but usually if I don't get something done in one sitting it won't get finished. I guess I'm pretty fickle in that respect.

One thing I kind of would like to see is a wider range of values, just to push the foreground forward and the background back, if you know what I mean. With the glass ball being the focal point, I think you could afford to darken the books and such behind the figure in order to make them less obvious, since right now everything in the picture is vying for attention and I think it weakens the composition a bit. Having said that, the glass itself doesn't have any shading at all, which is clever. :) But I think just a layer of crosshatching over the far background would do a lot to establish some basic planes and really push the idea of the glass ball as the focal point.

Having said that, I don't do much work on paper like this, so I'm not sure I would have the guts to do that myself. I think Photoshop has spoiled me. :) Also, the thingumajig (I honestly have no idea what it is) in the bottom right corner is fantastic. I want one.
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BlackScorpion Feb 11, 2009   Traditional Artist
Hey Kid, love the detail work! That must be time consuming. I'm faving this puppy. :D

The expression on the Wizards' face! Superb!
Thankyou. ^_^

I'm understandably a fan of detail work myself, so I know what you mean. And yes, this was rather time-consuming, although I imagine most people don't realise the amount of time that goes into even my less cluttered pictures.

And thankyou for the +fav. I really appreciate it, and value your support. ^_^
Thankyou. And thankyou for the +fav, I really appreciate it, and value your support. ^_^

If you don't mind me asking, what is it about the picture that you like? ( Sorry, just doing my market research. ^_^ )
I really love the depth, the shading, and as always, I am a huge fan of your line work. Everything just pops so nicely.

But my favorite thing about this isn't the figure so much as his surroundings. (though I <3 wizards.) All of his shelves packed with cool stuff---awesome. :)
Wow, thankyou. I am always surprised that I have ANY fans, but comments like that still really make my day when I get them. ^_^

I think the surroundings are one of my favourite bits to. Some people don't like drawing backgrounds, but I really like drawing them. It's fun to see all the details that you can put in. ^_^
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